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for News and Merchandise inspired by our YouTube Channel Solent Ships

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One of the many advantages of having an invested community is that we take on board ideas and requests that you suggest.

Having some branded merchandise is one of them.

We have listened and are in the process of selecting a small range that you will be able to purchase from the Ships Store. How much fun can we have by spotting our brand and greeting each other with an ‘Ahoy Shipmate’- we wonder!


If you would like a poster of a ship not listed in the store, drop us an email and the Captain will do his best to take a photo when the ship is in Port.  Maybe there is an image in the photography section that you would like a poster of? Just let us know and we'll be happy to help.

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This adventure started with the ‘Captain’ filming ships from the sky using a drone. Creating video content was a hobby that took off during the first lockdown - it was something to do. The first films went largely unnoticed and the Captain took some ribbing from friends and family over his sedate style of commentary. He persevered regardless and could often be spotted in Mayflower Park glued to his controller when ever the weather was fair and there was a vessel to observe.

Living in a prime location for ship spotting was something we always appreciated. Watching marine traffic on the Solent is quite relaxing - there is always something coming or going, providing a constantly changing view. How to share it ‘live’ became the Captain’s next mission and the first camera was installed overlooking the Red Funnel Ferry terminal. To our amazement, Ferry Cam attracted audiences from all over the world, with many remembering either living or visiting Southampton and having holidays on the Isle of Wight.

While everyone was instructed to stay at home and isolate themselves, an online community grew – connected via the Captain’s efforts to provide some entertainment and keep himself busy at the same time. What happened next took everyone by surprise. The generous support received in donations enabled additional and better cameras; and with truly invaluable help from dedicated Blue Spanner volunteers, the Solent Ships YouTube Channel began to grow.

This site is dedicated to everyone who has been a part of our journey. We have so many ideas for new projects and thank and bless all your barnacles for making this adventure happen.

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Solent Ships

Solent Ships

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"First of all, I'm not really a Captain! This is the name given to me by the supporters of Solent Ships. It's sort of stuck with me and adds to the nautical theme of the channel. I am, however a qualified Day Skipper and given the chance, love to spend a day out on the water. 

'Mrs Ships' and my daughter the 'Navigator' have come aboard to help the channel as we voyage onwards and we are all committed to developing ideas that will hopefully be entertaining."

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